New Oculus Rift-developments

November 2013

Disrupt has been working on pretty cool things for the Oculus Rift-platform. For those not familiar, the Oculus Rift is a new virtual reality platform. It's been an exciting time so far. If you want to try out what we're working on, come join us on the next Disrupt Demo night. Send an email for details and an invite to the next one. See you there!

And here's a short clip of two friends trying out our latest VR-work:
Disrupt Demo Night - user reactions


Disrupt Communications works with a network of talented, creative people and likewise teams. Our network consists of 3D/CGI-artists, webdevelopers, designers, (post)-producers, filmmakers and more.
Tailored to your project we will put together a team that matches your needs best. We always aim to be flexible and cost-efficient.

Over the past twelve years Disrupt has been producing digital work for various tv-networks, advertising agencies and brands. Avinash Changa, owner and lead producer at Disrupt is also co-owner of in-house studio Lemonade Animation.

Jobs & Internships

Although we don't have any job offerings at the moment, Disrupt is always looking for talented freelancers and studios to work with.
Please feel free to send us your portfolio, showreel, links or any other means that demonstrate your talent. We'd be happy to take a look.

Disrupt is offering internship positions. At the moment we are looking for:

Creative Web-developer / App-developer (iOS/android)
possibly with ambitions to become a digital producer
As a web-developer, you can design and/or you can implement a design provided to you. Furthermore, you can build this design into a responsive html5 site and tie it to a database. As an App-developer, you can create an App based upon a functional design and flowchart.

At Disrupt, we'll bombard you with ideas, animations, films and other things we come up with. We'll give you plenty of assets, bits and pieces that can be used to build a great interactive experience. You understand how all this ties together and have a clear vision on how an app or site can deliver this great interactive experience to its user. Eventually, your aim is to be in charge of a team of developers to bring your ideas and vision to reality.

Is this you? Then we'd love to see your work!
Get in touch: jobs@dsrpt.com


Disrupt is a digital production company for agencies and brands.
We develop concepts, we shoot, do Post, 3D, CGI, and even VR.
To realize your unique idea, the regular approach might not suffice.
Sometime you need disruptive thinkers.